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Simply put I finally got around to getting my own domain. I enjoy making websites, but having to go through GeoCities and keep making free accounts for all the sites I would like to do is rather annoying. This way I feel like I have a bit more freedom. I'm still deciding what I should do with the main site (moon-blurred.net), but for now it shall serve as a cross roads to other little projects of mine.

Having all the sites I want to do will take some time... I better get started. 0_o

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[ main ] -- this current page

[ planned projects ] -- the next web site projects I'm dreaming about

[ domain ] -- a little info on the current network/host site(s)

[ contact ] -- need to reach me? do so here

/ / w e b m i s t r e s s / /

There really isn't anything too terribly exciting to say about me. My name is Chrystal and currently I'm attending Jr. College, hopefully where I will earn a certificate in web site graphic design. From there I would like to focus on was I would really want to do for a career, graphic design.

I think it's easy to say that I'm scared poo-less of putting myself out there and see if I can accomplish what I want. ::sigh:: Why isn't there an Easy Button for the real world? But that would sap the fun out of getting there. That's half the fun itself. ^_^